Hilda Tellioğlu

I am an Associate Professor at the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology at the Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology. I am the Dean of Academic Affairs for Computer Science. I am the head of the Multidisciplinary Design & User Research Group.

C.V. (last updated in October 2016)

My research areas include Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Tangible User Interfaces (TUI), coordination, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), change management, knowledge management, and gender aspects of computer science and computing.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing.

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A brief summary of our group’s research work ...

Wagner, I. & Tellioglu, H. (2011), "The Multidisciplinary Design Group in Vienna", Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, March 19–23, 2011, Hangzhou, China, pp.497-504. DOI=10.1145/1958824.1958901 (presentation)

You can reach me any time per email.

A website about Design Thinking summarises our iterative user-centred approach to support creativity and innovation..

You can also find us at TU200.


  1. Meine Dekanatssprechstunden sind immer dienstags um 9h am Dekanat
    (Erzherzog-Johann-Platz 1/180, A-1040 Vienna, 4th floor, Tel: +43.1.58801.18003).

  2. Meine Sprechstunden für meine Lehrveranstaltungen sind immer dienstags um 15h in meinem Büro (Favoritenstrasse 9-11/187, A-1040 Vienna, 2nd floor, Tel: +43.1.58801.18716).

At the institute (Tuesdays between 15-16h)

Institut für Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology

Multidisciplinary Design & User Research
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